Incarnation of the Beast opens!

incarnation collage

Last evening was the opening night for Incarnation of the Beast, a collaborative performance by Joavien Ng! Well-received by the audiences, the house was fully booked and the show gathered many positive feedbacks and responses. Here are some quotes of how our audiences felt about the performance:

The image was stuck in my head, it relates to me in the sense that I’ve always envision something like that in my head, and I thought it will be nice seeing something like that on stage.

– Viknesh Kobinathan

Enormously, the struggles were very physical and it resonated, it certainly has a response and it wasn’t just a personal response because you can feel the tension of the room as well.

– Han

And there was this beautiful moment there, it was as though the shadows were performing … You are never bored being at TheatreWorks’ show because you’re always challenged, you’re always provoked. It’s very exciting.

– Edlyn Artistica Ng

To find out more about how our audiences felt and thought about the show, do check out our blog here

While we are currently SOLD OUT for the remaining evenings, we are still looking at increasing our seats. So do come on down to 72-13, 8pm on your preferred evening and we will try to get you into the theatre as best as we can.

See you there!


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