Upcoming at TheatreWorks: RE/PLAY Dance Edit

TheatreWorks’ upcoming international production, RE/PLAY Dance Edit by Junnosuke Tada. Junnosuke TADA, a renowned Japanese theatre maker, created Re/Play in 2011 for his theatre company, Tokyo Deathlock.

It explores the intent and meaning of re-production through bodily repetition of physical movement. As a re-making of a theatrical production, this version replaces the actors with eight Singaporean and Japanese leading contemporary dancer-choreographers.

Using pop music, the performers dance until they collapse in exhaustion – and then they get up and do it again, each choreographer-dancer taking a turn at their own approach to the project. In their collaboration with Tada’s direction, the very foundation and meaning of dance is undermined, theatre as a format is subverted, and a truly fresh perspective on dance and performance emerges.

This is the first time TheatreWorks (Singapore) is collaborating with Offsite Dance Project for an international collaboration that takes the creative energies of Japan’s and Singapore’s new wave performance artists. RE /PLAY Dance Edit also celebrates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Singapore.

Check out our RE/PLAY Dance Edit blog for more information and latest updates on the production!

20160111-RE-PLAY-047 (edit).jpg

Performance Details:

17 – 20 February 2016 | 8PM nightly


$18 Standard, $12 Concession*

*Concession for Students and Senior Citizens above 62

If you haven’t got your tickets, get it now! To book your tickets, email to replay@theatreworks.org.sg or call us at 6737-7213.


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