Interviews with Between Consciousness Creative Team

Between Consciousness – Our upcoming production is our annual community tour in partnership with South East Community Development Council (CDC). The show will tour from 25 Feb to 19 March in three Community Centres in the South East District.

Between Consciousness explores the “mental in each of us”. It is a story that discusses mental health, autism, depression and what caregivers go through with their wards. This play also aims to expand one’s perspective about people diagnosed with mental conditions.

We met up with the creative team and had a chat with them about their creative process and the rehearsals. Check out their interviews below!

Al-Matin Yatim, Actor: “Nobody would totally understand what is happening inside a person’s head, what more a mind that functions more specially than others”.

Ivan Lim, Actor: “At first I was slightly confused, but as I read on, I fell in love with it. I am having a joy ride with this script. Every time I read the script, I find something new and after each rehearsal, I discover a new aspect of the character”.

Thong Pei Qin, Director: “I have also come to realise that people with special needs or diagnosed with mental illnesses are not so very different from you and me, and the plot of Between Consciousness echoes this exact sentiment”.

Gerald Leow, Set Designer: “The set represents the many levels of consciousness and the complexity of the human mind.

Isaac Lim, Playwright: “TheatreWorks’ Writing & Community Programme is an excellent stepping stone, to not only bring their voice out there, but also for the community to interact, know of the talents, and connect with the arts“.

You can reserve tickets for Between Consciousness at

Check out our posts on for more information and updates of our Community & Writing Programmes!


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