Preview of ‘Between Consciousness’

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Two weeks ago, we invited a few of our Ambassadors to an exclusive preview of Between Consciousness, TheatreWorks’ latest community production touring to three community centres in the South East District.

As part of TheatreWorks’ efforts in expanding the knowledge and capabilities of our ambassadors, exclusive preview of productions are arranged for our ambassadors before the show is open to the public. This opportunity, made available to all ambassadors, aims to equip them with better knowledge of the production, and expose them to different artistic directions, which they may not have seen before. One of our Ambassador, Eugene Ho, shared his thoughts on the show as well as his experience at the preview.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I was invited to watch the preview for Between Consciousness. All I knew was that it was a piece on mental health, and that it was written in 24 hours.

The piece hit me in ways I didn’t expect. The initially bright and energetic performance both complemented and contrasted the heavier overtone of the script, and many powerful moments were conveyed. As we become voyeurs into the world of a child with autism, we not only become privy to the fragility of his mental state, but as a viewer divorced from the performance, we also see the world he is in constant contact with. I feel that often times, because of this world of information we live in, many of us prefer to categorise problems and see it clinically and apathetically. It’s so much easier to euphemise and call it a learning disability, or a mental condition. We forget that this is something that not only they, but their caretakers live with their entire lives. We can’t just cry over every single disaster we witness that is entirely out of our control can we? But it is precisely at times like these that we need works like these, which confront us with real problems people face, and reminds us of the fragile world we live in.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really appreciate the effort put in this piece. I feel that TheatreWorks Ambassadors Programme (TAP) gives people a chance to appreciate and be involved in the arts scene in Singapore especially with opportunities to watch previews and interact with the actors and directors, and ask questions about the subject matter and the creative process. We need more performances like these, so Kudos to Isaac and the team.

Find out more about Between Consciousness at our Writing & Community Blog.

We are still have more performances of Between Consciousness coming up, go to to reserve your seats!

We hope to see you there!



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