About 72-13


About 72-13 
A converted rice warehouse, 72-13 is the new home of TheatreWorks. The space is flexible enough to be a gallery, a cinema and a theatre. Its primary purpose, through SCAN (Singapore Creative Arts Nucleus) and the ICAA (International Centre of Asian Arts), is to encourage collaborations, house residencies from creatives around the world and to encourage hybrid creative expressions from young Singaporeans. TheatreWorks, responding to the needs of the creative scene in Singapore, has consciously created 72-13 to have a wider and a more inclusive agenda.

About ICAA 
ICAA is a R&D Centre, a performance centre, a forum and a platform for Asia’s expression and its relationship to the rest of the world. It recognises the cultural diversity of Asia, and looks at the continuum that is Asia. In particular, the ICAA is about collaborations, research, networking, dialogues across cultures and disciplines. It is a site where individuals from around the world, through residencies and projects, develop the diverse perspectives of a global Asian urban metropolis, its continuities and disruptions with Asian tradition, the multiple contexts of everyday life and how they interact with the practices of Asian artists.

About SCAN
Singapore Creative Arts Nucleus (SCAN) will take on the role of nurturing young and emerging artists. These artists will have 72-13 as an incubator and platform for their creativity and trans-disciplinary processes. SCAN will be an organic interface between the arts and the creative industries. International artists will be invited to be sources of inspiration and as role models to inspire Singapore creatives. These international artists will be leaders in their own fields and will dialogue with the local creatives to generate ideas as well as provide the necessary stimuli.