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The Curators Academy 2018

The Curators Academy is concerned with the curation of performance but intends to move beyond the skills of curation, unlike conventional training programmes in European universities.

Its emphasis is on developing a context when there is little or none, for ‘growing’ performance which engages and interrogates the politics of the local, the site. The first recognition of the Academy is that very often, curators need to cultivate a scene of processes between their public intellectuals, artists, audiences and civil society, to construct a scene and its own specifics.

The Academy is concerned with bringing aspiring curators together in South East Asia. We will work regionally with Goethe Institute to locate these aspiring curators. These will primarily be independent artists and producers with strong networks but the Academy will strive to develop them into curators. The academy can also develop programmers of institutions but it is focused on independent curation. Institutional programmers will have to propose and develop a curatorial project outside of their institutions unless they can convince their institutions to be part of their enabling network.

It is the Academy’s belief that the programmers buy, artists make and curators nurture porous contexts, conversations, continuities through interrogating archives, legacies and bridging potentialities.