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Upcoming programmes in 2016!


As we welcome 2016, TheatreWorks would like to thank you for your support over the past year. Many of you have supported our artistic causes and many embraced our home, 72-13.

2015 was a fruitful year for us. Some of the highlights that drew inspiration and admiration from supporters like you, included the Performance Tour of Three Inches of Alive to South East District, our ever popular 24-Hour Playwriting Competition in its 18th edition, Writing From The Heart that sees 60 participants working hard at writing their plays, fantastic thought-provoking creations by our associates: Eng Kai Er, Joavien Ng & Loo Zihan with Indulgence, Incarnation of the Beast, and 50/50 respectively


2016 kicks off with RE/PLAY Dance Edit by Junnosuke Tada collaborating with 8 Singaporean performers in February and our annual  Performance Tour to South East District. This year, the play is Between Consciousness written by Isaac LimIn October, we present GALA by internationally renowned dance maker, Jérôme Bel, who will be choreographing some 20 non-dancers for the Victoria Theatre stage!

What’s more, look out for two new works presented by our 2016 associates,  Eng Kai Er and Irfan Kasban. Our ever popular 24-Hour Playwriting Competition returns in July, and a new compendium of winning plays from the competition will be launched in March!

Get the latest updates on this blog and we look forward to seeing you soon at 72-13!


Curtain call: INDULGE with Kai, Bernice and Jereh at 72-13


The performance of Indulgence, by our Associate Artist Eng Kai Er, came to a close last Saturday, after four well-received shows. It was a pleasure to see all of you here in support of this new work, and to hear your thoughts on the performance after the show! With post-show interviews, surveys and discussions, we’ve received many encouraging comments and feedback.

Juliette shared on 20 May:

It managed to showcase the poetry of everyday pleasures. It reflects powerfully on the absurdity of life and how we keep on living nonetheless.

While Alison shared on 22 May:

It’s a very visceral, sublime performance with a lot of surprises happening all the time. It’s wonderful.

To read more about what our audience members said about Indulgence, visit our Indulgence blog.


Beyond that, many kindly expressed their support for TheatreWorks’ cause, that takes artistic risks, nurtures and develops Singaporean artists like Kai, as well as 72-13 as an arts space. During Kai’s residency at TheatreWorks, along with with collaborators Bernice Lee and Jereh Leong, were able to explore the architecture at 72-13, indulge in and learn from the creative process of developing a new work (that eventually evolved into the performance of Indulgence that was showcased last week).

Many shared they enjoyed how 72-13 is spacious and flexible, yet cozy and welcoming, offering a unique and attractive ambience.

Melinda shared on 20 May:

I think this kind of showing, where there’s high production value but is also really casual, but there’s also a low barrier to entry – 10 bucks you can already see a show – makes it hospitable and not cold. Yeah, big fan!

Mayura shared on 20 May:

It is an experimental space with many possibilities – I have watched performances in many parts. I’m always amazed by how its character changes each time, yet it has a familiar welcoming warmth.

Leslie shared on 22 May:

Very interesting space. It didn’t feel like a theatre space. Thus, it felt very easy to watch and be in the moment with the play.

Denise shared on 23 May:

It allows for the audience to interact with the space, which makes the experience very special.


The open and versatile nature of 72-13 also provides an ideal space for artists to explore – explore the space, explore themselves as artists, and explore the creative process – encouraging creativity and experimentation.

Karin shared on 21 May:

It encourages creativity within all the space and possibilities. Not locked to a stage, unless you want it to be.

Grace shared on 22 May:

I think architecturally this space has its own character by itself, and every time when different performers walk in this space, it has a very… I do not know, I don’t want to use the word transformative, but it does have that kind of feeling. To me, it is quite something that will transform a person’s state of mind. Even though I kind of know this space quite well, I’ve been here quite a few times, but I do find it different. There’s like some secret place that you know, oh suddenly you find, “Oh, this part can be used like this! That part can be used like this!”

Syv shared on 22 May:

Great space creating different & various environments. Lots of creation possibilities.

Ryan shared on 23 May:

It breaks boundaries! Surprises every time.


To end off, I’d like to share this commentary from Lynn, originally shared on the Indulgence blog. Lynn tells us about why she enjoyed Indulgence, and why she appreciates TheatreWorks and 72-13 as an incubation space for artists:

I loved the playfulness of the piece – I really enjoyed watching them have fun in the space, and I want to join in, especially during the beanbag part. It was clear that the three of them were enjoying themselves, which I felt translated to the audience experience. It was also really clear that they trusted each other, and were confident in their collective investment and presence in the piece. That always makes performance fun, and it puts the audience at ease as well, even though some of the stunts were pretty crazy! As an audience member, I thought it was an interesting tension, because while I was at ease, I felt like I was anticipating something unexpected to happen, my curiosity was definitely piqued. Felt like a parent watching and indulging her children at the playground.

I didn’t respond quite as much to the text, what they were doing with their bodies and the space was far more interesting to me. I thought there was a really nice rhythm to the composition. And it made me wonder what happened during the 11 weeks of creation/rehearsal – what happened, what didn’t happen, and what stories and performances the audience wasn’t privy to. So I went back and read the blog, which I thought was a very nice complement to the performance. It was nice to hear the personal voices of the artists, and to understand (at least a little) where they were coming from.

It’s shows like this that remind me and affirm the importance of having a ‘space’ for artists to play and experiment. I’d love to see what happens next after this – is she going to work towards a ‘final’ performance?

Thank you for putting the work together, and for letting me share my thoughts!

Thank you to all your support for Indulgence, TheatreWorks’ cause, and 72-13. It means a lot to us, and to Kai, who tells me that all your comments are very helpful and educational for her. We welcome comments, so do share them with us, in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Following this successful run of Indulgence, we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. Find out more about our upcoming programmes here. See you soon!

Indulgence opens!


Indulgence opened last night to a great crowd; a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who was present! It was amazing to see everyone immersed in the performance and responding warmly to it. Thank you to all for sharing this evening and sharing your thoughts with us! We hope you enjoyed the performance and the post-show dialogue with Kai, Bernice and Jereh.

Check out our post on the Indulgence blog to continue reading and view more photos from the night.

Indulgence opens!

The presentation of Indulgence runs from 20-23 May, 8PM at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, it’s not too late! Please be advised that the performance is now rated R18 (Some Mature Content and Nudity).

Email indulgence@theatreworks.org.sg or call us at 6737-7213 to book your tickets now!

Indulgence is rated R18 (Some Mature Content and Nudity)

Dear friends,

We have just received the rating for Indulgence from MDA today and its a day before the first presentation. The performance is rated R18 (Some Mature Content and Nudity). We apologise for any inconvenience caused if you have purchased your tickets but are under 18 years of age. Please contact us at indulgence@theatreworks.org.sg or call us at 6737 7213 if you will require a refund due to the new rating.

Once again we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused in this new amendment.

dance-Oke: Photos, Interviews and Best-Of


dance-Oke was a blast! Held on Saturday, the event was a great time dancing along to music videos in the style of karaoke, with dancing in place of singing. After Kai introduced herself, Bernice and Jereh and the event, we launched into the first video on our playlist: the upbeat Bollywood song Chammak Challo. It took a while for participants to overcome our initial hesitation and ease into dancing along to the video amongst strangers, but by the time we reached the second video, everyone was grooving along to the familiar tune of Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Check out what we just posted on the Indulgence blog for more on what happened at dance-Oke, photos of the event, and interviews with our participants:

Thank you for an indulgent Saturday afternoon at dance-Oke!

dance-Oke: What our participants said

If you missed out on the fun we had at dance-Oke, you can still move along to these music videos on your own, or with your friends! Presenting the Best Of dance-Oke playlist, of the hot favourites among the participants on Saturday afternoon:

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Beyoncé – Single Ladies

Oh Land – Renaissance Girls

Christine and The Queens – Saint Claude

Let It Go – Idina Menzel (Frozen soundtrack)

Balada Boa – Gustavo Lima

Psy – Gangnam Style

Knock yourselves out!

Say what you will, Eng Kai Er just wants to dance: Mayo Martin from TODAY speaks to Kai for a 2-page spread


On Saturday, TODAY newspaper published a 2-page article on Kai. Mayo Martin spoke to Kai to delve deeper into her journey, and her motivations behind her work and upcoming performance of Indulgence. In the article and interview, Kai shares about reconciling the different sides to herself and how she has developed as a performer and performance maker.

Read the full article and complete interview on the Indulgence blog:

Say what you will, Eng Kai Er just wants to dance: Get to know Kai in TODAY newspaper’s two-page spread

So, who’s Eng Kai Er? Mayo Martin from TODAY speaks with Kai in an interview

Join us at dance-Oke next Saturday!

16 May 2015
2 – 4PM

Have you always wanted to dance like a Pop Diva sans the alcohol or space constraints at a club; or undergo immense pressure during a dance class?

Join us at dance-Oke for a fun-filled afternoon and shed your inhibitions! Similar to the concept of kara-oke, dance-Oke encourages you to indulge and ‘perform’ to your favourite music videos.

Following dance-Oke, stay on to hear how dance-Oke inspires Kai’s Indulgence. Dig deeper into what goes on behind her thinking and her impetus in making performance and her ideas for Indulgence at 72-13.

dance-Oke is held in conjunction with TheatreWorks’ next presentation, Indulgence, by Eng Kai Er.

ADMISSION IS FREE! Come dressed in comfortable attire for dance-Oke.

To register for dance-Oke, contact Brendan at brendan@theatreworks.org.sg or 6737 7213 with your name, contact details and your choice of up to three of your favourite dance music videos!

Follow the blog at indulgence2015.wordpress.com for more information, updates and coverage on dance-Oke, as well as the production of Indulgence!

Interview with Indulgence Collaborator, Jereh Leong

For the upcoming performance of Indulgence, Kai Er has been collaborating with fellow performers and performance-makers Bernice Lee and Jereh Leong. Prior to Indulgence, Kai, Bernice and Jereh performed together in TheatreWorks’ Retrospective by French choreographer Xavier Le Roy. This is the first time the three dance artists are coming together to create a new work. I spoke to Jereh about how he began performing, and how he shaped the performance and how the performance has shaped him.

It’s been a remarkable journey.”

– Jereh, Collaborator, Indulgence

Check out our post on indulgence2015.wordpress.com for the rest of the interview. Follow the blog for more information and the latest updates on the production!

Interview with Collaborator, Jereh Leong

Until next time,
Yingbi Lee, Engagement Intern

Interview with Indulgence Collaborator, Bernice Lee

Indulgence is the product of TheatreWorks Associate Artist Kai Er’s collaboration with fellow performers and performance-makers Bernice Lee and Jereh Leong. While they have been doing many things together, in very different contexts, this is the first time she is being directed by Kai, and collaborating with Jereh in this way. I spoke to Bernice about this first creative and collaborative process with Kai and Jereh.

“We’ve put ourselves through very odd and slightly scary situations, created internal melodrama, cried on purpose, laughed not on purpose, and generally enjoyed passing time together.”

– Bernice, Collaborator, Indulgence

Check out our post on indulgence2015.wordpress.com for the rest of the interview. Follow the blog for more information and the latest updates on the production!

Interview with Collaborator, Bernice Lee

Until next time,
Yingbi Lee, Engagement Intern

Interview with Associate Artist, Eng Kai Er

Our Associate Artist at TheatreWorks, Kai Er, will present her new work, Indulgence this May. Kai and her collaborators Bernice and Jereh have been developing the performance at 72-13, where they explore ideas and indulge in the artistic process. I spoke to Kai to find out what prompted her to initiate the project and what goes on behind the development of Indulgence.

“My idea was that for this project, I would try to enjoy every part of it because I think art-making should be enjoyable.” 

– Kai Er, TheatreWorks Associate Artist, Indulgence

Check out our post on indulgence2015.wordpress.com for the rest of the interview. Follow the blog for more information and the latest updates on the production!

Interview with Associate Artist, Eng Kai Er

Until next time, Yingbi Lee, Engagement Intern