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TheatreWorks presents THE GOOD FARMER, a winning play of 2017’s 24-Hour Playwriting Competition

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Written by Christopher Chee | Directed by Grace Kalaiselvi

TheatreWorks’ Performance Tour is back in March this year! We bring to the community The Good Farmer, a winning play from TheatreWorks’ well-established 24-Hour Playwriting Competition in 2017.

Touring since 2009, the Performance Tour has featured social issues that resonate with audiences in the heartlands. In the past years, we have dealt with issues such as mental health, mixed marriages and their prejudices, and inter-generational relationships, to name a few. With The Good Farmer, TheatreWorks continues its commitment to raise awareness of human and social issues through the arts and to provide an open and inviting platform for the discussion of these topics.

The Good Farmer explores sibling rivalry and favouritism in the family. Tensions arise when twin brothers Jacob and Joseph are placed into different streams after Primary Four, and Jacob begins to feel that their father favours his twin, Joseph.

Playwright Christopher shares, “The Good Farmer is partly inspired by my experience growing up as an elder sibling, as well as by conversations with relatives and friends about their opinions of being treated or treating themselves according to the order of their birth. The position of the elder sibling is rather paradoxical; you are expected to perform better than your younger siblings despite your parents’ lack of parenting experience and the lack of older siblings to learn from. As an older sibling you are expected to be taller, wiser, stronger and more responsible just on the basis of age”.

It’s inevitable that siblings are compared to one another, but where do you draw the line? Is sibling rivalry considered healthy competition? What if that’s mixed together with favouritism? Will Dad ever admit that he has a favourite?

The Good Farmer brings up questions about family, relationships and attitudes that many people choose not to answer…

As part of the performances, post-show discussions after each performance will be held. We hope that the performance becomes a catalyst for audiences to reflect and discuss the issues brought up during the play.

Jacob Teo and Joseph Teo, identical twins but born minutes apart. Jacob on 30th June and Joseph on 1st July.Out of convenience, their birthdays were celebrated on the same day each year on 1st July… starting from when they were 11, the year they were separated into EM1 and EM2, all the way till adulthood.

One child excelled in his studies while the other struggled to keep up.  Average Jacob Teo versus Public Service Commission scholar Joseph Teo.

Was it favouritism or inferiority complex that made them different? And what happens when one child goes missing? The Good Farmer, brings up questions that many people choose not to answer.

For more information, please visit:
Free Admission: Reserve your tickets at

Performance Details:

Marine Parade Community Centre, Theatrette
8 Mar, Thu, 8pm
9 Mar, Fri, 8pm
10 Mar, Sat, 3pm & 8pm

Mountbatten Community Centre, Performance Centre
15 Mar, Thu, 8pm
16 Mar, Fri, 8pm
17 Mar, Sat, 3pm & 8pm

SingPost Centre, Theatrette
23 Mar, Fri, 3pm & 8pm
24 Mar, Sat, 3pm & 8pm


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At 72-13 this week – OFF KILTER by Ramesh Meyyappan

Award-winning actor and master of physical theatre Ramesh Meyyappan returns with an exciting new work, OFF KILTER!

OFF KILTER is a dark, comedic, highly physical, visual theatre production, incorporating masterful non-verbal storytelling. Catch the work-in-progress showing at 72-13 next week, before it premieres in Glasgow!

Register for a seat today!

Date: 4 & 5 May 2017
Time: 8pm
Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road


Come speak with Associate Artist Eng Kai Er tomorrow!

As you probably would have seen from our Facebook Page, we will be starting off our 2017 season with an engaging artist talk by Eng Kai Er – our very own Associate Artist!

‘A Conversation with Eng Kai Er’ will be happening tomorrow, 5 April 2017, 8pm at 72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road. Admission is free, but for a hassle-free registration do reserve your seats by emailing ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg  or you could also just walk in tomorrow too!

More on the talk – Kai will be sharing on her latest venture in running a performing arts studio – Make It Share It (MISI). Other than discussing MISI’s programmes from a personal perspective, Kai will also be expressing her love and thinking of body-based communication, performance, and labour; as well as her thoughts of exclusion/inclusion in the performing arts, and the conditions of the current arts ecosystem.

Here’s a little sneak peak on what Kai will be presenting tomorrow!


What are your thoughts on this?


Don’t miss out on this session as Eng Kai Er highlights the parallels and contradictions between performance-making and running a studio.

Come broaden and share your perspectives with us on Kai’s talk tomorrow!

This talk is organised as part of Eng Kai Er’s Associateship with TheatreWorks – a platform to nurture and build the creative capacity of performance makers.

TheatreWorks’ kicks off its main season with Associate Artist Eng Kai Er

In April, TheatreWorks Associate Artist, Eng Kai Er kicks off our main season with two programmes as part of her Associateship!

First up — A Conversation with Eng Kai Er On 5 April. Kai will share about her latest venture, running a performing arts studio — Make It Share It (MISI).

In this session, Kai will discuss MISI’s programmes from a personal perspective; expressing her love and thinking of body-based communication, performance, and labour; and also her thoughts of inclusion/exclusion in the performing arts and the conditions of the current arts ecosystem.

Join us for this engaging talk as Kai highlights the parallels and contradictions between performance-making and running a studio.

Then join us once again on 21 & 22 April for The Roundest Circle. Developed in collaboration by Eng Kari Er with dance artists Faye Lim and Felicia Lim. See what they have been exploring since January to April and share with them what you think during the post-show dialogue!

A Conversation by Eng Kai Er
Date: 5 April 2017
Time: 8pm
Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

The Roundest Circle
Date: 21 & 22 April 2017
Time: 8pm
Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Free Admission
Reserve your seats by emailing ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg

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Tackling issues head on: TheatreWorks Engagement programmes unpack themes of interracial marriage and mental health

TheatreWorks Engagement programmes aim to challenge perceptions and misconceptions through two new performances.

A specially crafted pilot programme will be brought to eight schools this February exploring the issue of stress and how it affects students’ mental health. From the pressures of school, family and friends, students face an ever-increasing amount of stress. Tackling perceptions that ‘young people do not go through stress’ and misconceptions that ‘people who go for counseling are crazy’, this pilot programme – Grey Matters, aims to better prepare and equip students with the ability to cope though periods of increased stress through a three –pronged approach:

  • A performance – allowing students easy access to the subject matter;
  • A post-show dialogue to open up a platform for discussion and provide self-care tips to manage stress;
  • An activity pack, allowing teachers the opportunity to delve deeper into stress and stress management, giving students a chance to practise these stress management techniques firsthand.

While the importance of mental health has been on the rise, race has always been a part of Singapore’s history, and remains a key part of a person’s identity from the day they are born through their entire lives.

Part of TheatreWorks’ annual Performance Tour, Mixed, a winning play from the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2016 will tour the South East District from 23 February to 11 March.

From moments of racial discrimination to disownment, this heartfelt piece explores the challenges of interracial marriage in Singapore. It follows the story of Anika and her family as they navigate the difficulties of being a mixed family.

We invite the public to join us in the post-show dialogues as we address issues of race, discrimination and family expectations. For selected performances, join us in talks with invited guests who have personal experience of being discriminated.

TheatreWorks hopes that these new programmes and performances will become the catalyst for audiences to reflect and discuss critical issues related to living in Singapore while at the same time encourage audience appreciation of the arts.

There will be a public performance of Grey Matters on 15 February 2017. For an invitation, please email ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg

Book your tickets for Mixed here today!

Upcoming At TheatreWorks: GALA

TheatreWorks presents it’s latest international co-production GALA, conceived and directed by Jérôme Bel!

It is not commonly known that the term ‘Gala’ means ‘enjoyment’ in old French. With a quirky and humorous take on dance, renowned French choreographer Jérôme Bel’s latest creation will see a mixed bag of non-professional performers and a handful of seasoned artists take the stage, united by their shared love for the performing arts and the joy that it brings to them.

Bel was first introduced to the Singapore arts scene by TheatreWorks through the Flying Circus Project in 2004, where he presented The Last Performance (a lecture), and Shirtology. In 2006, TheatreWorks presented Bel’s collaboration with contemporary Thai dancer and choreographer Pichet Klunchun, in Pichet Klunchun and Myself. His most recent work to be showcased in Singapore was in 2014 at the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), where he directed an ensemble from Theatre Hora to present Disabled Theatre.

Continuously breaking boundaries with his forward-thinking approach to dance, Bel returns to Singapore, this time to work with an entirely local cast comprising 20 distinct individuals of different ages, and with different abilities, body types and personalities. In a colourful display of their distinct personas, each performer takes the stage to express themselves. Audiences will witness how the performing arts can empower seemingly ordinary individuals to become a star in their own right.

Classical dance forms, especially ballet, are often portrayed through failure and how failure drives dancers to achieve perfection. In GALA, the importance placed on ‘failure’ becomes secondary. Instead, it gives way to ‘failing again’ and places emphasis on doing one’s best. By doing so, Bel empowers individuals to contribute their own unique energies and make the performance their own.

GALA creates a space where ability is dictated not by one’s limitations, but by being the best that one can be. It is a testament to the beauty of the individual.

Poster Image.jpg

Performance Details:
6 October 2016, Thu, 8pm
7 October 2016, Fri, 8pm
8 October 2016, Sat, 8pm
Approx. 80 mins (no intermission)
Victoria Theatre 


$30 / $26 / $22 (Excluding SISTIC booking fee)

20% Concession for Students, NSF, and Senior Citizens above 62 years old.
10% Early Bird Discount applicable till 21 August 2016.

Get your tickets from the SISTIC website here now!

Last Week of SIFA 2015!

After six weeks of incredibly intriguing performances, SIFA (Singapore International Festival of Arts) is coming to an end this week. This is your last chance to catch up on some thought-provoking productions before the long wait arrives once again.

For more information on the upcoming productions, visit the SIFA website here.

SIFA presents an internationally-acclaimed act: The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers. Conceived by the festival director Ong Keng Sen, this production was forged in collaboration with creative talents in various specialization: design, photography, video and sound (Kaffe Matthews, Chris Lee of Asylum, Brian Gothong Tan, Reckless Ericka, Francis Ng).

Photo Courtesy of SIFA

Photo Courtesy of SIFA

The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers | by Ong Keng Sen, Kaffe Matthews, Chris Lee, Brian Gothong Tan, Reckless Ericka, Francis Ng

17 – 19 September (Thursday – Saturday) | From 6.30PM

National Museum of Singapore (Gallery 1 & 2)

Durational performance (come and go as you please)

Performed in English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, French, German, Burmese, Lao, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Hindi and other languages of the border crossers, with English surtitles

$45 with a 10% discount for students, NSFs and seniors aged 55 and above.

It tells a story of past-present-future through the voices of border crossers. Real-life border crossers who have never acted before (from Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific) are invited to be performers in this piece. Sharing their everyday stories as incredible adventures, they inhabit the installation – singing, dancing, and invoking pioneer travellers who were captured by the Lee Brothers Studio in Singapore, a unique photo salon, in 1910.

Unlike theatre, this is a performance that is at once installation, karaoke and fashion runway. The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers is a stunning combination of music, visual culture, live video, fashion, documentary and performance that envisions communications in a not-so-distant future megapolis, amidst a heterotopia of individuals.

Watch the trailer of the performance here.

Installation / Exhibition on The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers | by Francis Ng

17 – 19 September (Thursday – Saturday) | 7PM nightly (come and go as you please)

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Free admission for ticket holders to live performance

The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers was commissioned for the opening of Singapour en France – le festival at Palais de Tokyo in Paris in March 2015. This multi-media installation produced by Francis Ng transport audience back to the performance space in Paris, intensifying their experience of this production.

Audiences attending the live presentation of the production on 17, 18, or 19 September at National Museum of Singapore will be entitled to view the installation at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station for free. The multi-media installation will enhance your experience and deepen your understanding towards this durational production. Featuring 19 real-life border crossers living in Singapore from 18 countries of origin, this production is definitely one you will not want to miss.

We will see you there!

SIFA 2015 Events at 72-13!

As The O.P.E.N. (Open, Participate, Engage, Negotiate) concluded on the first week of July, it was only a month away till the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA)  would open in August. The O.P.E.N. definitely presented a wide range of issues and concerns relating to culture, history, society and technology. It paved the way for SIFA’s theme this year- “Post Empires”.

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What’s happening this week at 72-13?! (29 June- 4 July)

“The Imagination of The Future” by Chilean theatre company Teatro La Re-sentida came to a close last Saturday at 72-13 with all its shows well received by the audience. Corrie Tan from The Straits Times described the production as a pummeling performance that tore down boundaries and political emblems.

If you have yet to attend any of The O.P.E.N (Open, Participate, Engage, Negotiate) events, this week will be your last opportunity to do so! Here is this week’s events, with a focus on dance and Asian movement styles underscored with a strong personal response from the participating artists.

The O.P.E.N is a prelude to the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2015 that runs from the 6 August to 19 September 2015. 72-13 is the Venue and Equipment partner of the SIFA 2015.

For more information on any of The O.P.E.N’s programmes, do visit The O.P.E.N website.

Dance Marathon- Open With A Punk Spirit! Reflections on Contemporary Dance and Archives

“Dance Marathon- Open With A Punk Spirit! Reflections on Contemporary Dance and Archives”: by Muto Daisuke and Nanako Nakajima

29 June (Monday) (Muto Daisuke), 30 June (Tuesday) (Nanako Nakajima) | 7:30PM



FREE admission with The O.P.E.N. Pass, limited single entry tickets available at the door

Click here to get your The O.P.E.N Pass

Click here to register for the event
Join two experts in the field of Japanese dance, as they examine the thinking and methods behind Dance Marathon – OPEN WITH A PUNK SPIRIT!, the thrilling 16-day dance festival within Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015. A unique feature of the festival is the creation by seven renowned contemporary Japanese dance-makers of an archive box – a collection of the key elements that went into the choreography of their individual dances. Six creators of new dance from Asia will then craft presentations in response to these archive boxes. These archive boxes will be passed on to seven dance-makers from the Asia Pacific, who will create new presentations inspired by the contents of these ordinary yet mysterious boxes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 14.11.02

“Nagarika”: by Jayachandran Palazhy

Opens 1 July (Wednesday) | 7PM- 10PM

2 July (Thursday) through 4 July (Saturday) | 12NOON- 10PM


FREE admission with The O.P.E.N. Pass, limited single entry tickets available at the door

Click here to get your The O.P.E.N Pass

Click here to register for the event

Over centuries, Indian movement arts have been transmitted exclusively from teachers to disciples through years of training. How do we marry innovation with tradition, augmented reality with Indian classical dance, in a way that also respects the strength and beauty of customs?

Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘a civilisational dimension’, NAGARIKA documents the concepts of body and the movement principles of classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam and Indian martial art Kalaripayattu. Through NAGARIKA, Palazhy has developed a springboard for young professionals to create new movement ideas, a historic first in an arena which had hitherto relied solely on long apprenticeships for skills transmission.


Artist Talk: by Jayachandran Palazhy

1 July (Wednesday) | 7:30PM



There will also be an artist talk by Jayachandran Palazhy who is the founder and the artistic director of Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. Palazhy is an international dancer and choreographer at the forefront of the contemporary Indian movement arts scene.

“Frenemies”- by Navtej Johar

“Frenemies”: by Navtej Johar

2 July- 4 July (Thursday- Saturday) | 8PM


1h, no intermission

Tickets are $35 with a 10% discount for students, NSFs and seniors aged 55 and above

Click here to book your tickets.

Watch the trailer of the production.

Performed by Navtej Johar and Lokesh Bharadwaj, Frenemies is about the search for song, and the tug-of-war between love and hate, within the confines of the physical body. The work is created and performed through exploring the context of Bharatanatyam amongst temple dancers and courtesans in India.

This sensuous performance is based loosely on the sinister plot of French dramatist Jean Genet’s “The Maids”, in which two domestic servants conduct sadomasochistic role-playing rituals while their mistress is away. Frenemies is about a lick, a bite, a jab, a sting, a sigh and a song, all rolled into one!

Artist Talk: by Navtej Johar

4 July | 12NOON



Navtej Johar is a multi- talented artist whose choreographic work draws on the varied movement vocabularies of yoga, Bharatanatyam and physical theatre. Johar will talk about challenging the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary in class, gender and culture in his bold and dazzling works.

NAFA students visit 72-13

We had NAFA Performing and Visual Arts Management students at 72-13 on 6 April and 15 April respectively. Tying in with their Events and Facilities Management module, our engagement executive, Brendan introduced TheatreWorks and our home, 72-13 – presenting how both TheatreWorks and 72-13 played an integral in offering an important space that supports artistic and alternative works which are seldom seen in Singapore.


In his presentation, he went to share how the various programmes and productions also touched upon our organization’s philosophy and red lines, presenting inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural and docu-performances. Programmes at TheatreWorks includes diversity of artistic concepts and relations like Retrospective,where renowned French choreographer Xavier Le Roy worked with 12 Singapore dance and performance makers in creating a performance-exhibition that engaged audiences intimately in contemporary dance-making and how intercultural, interdisciplinary projects like the Flying Circus Project enabled new connections and discoveries between artists and communities.


He also shared about our Open Call programme featuring events like Living With Myths and our Engagement programmes in deepening the knowledge and experiences of our stakeholders.


Later, the students took a tour of 72-13, visiting the spaces where various. Many were curious about the heritage of the building, which used to be a rice warehouse, as well as our main staircase, which was retained from the original building structure.


in Space 3


the main staircase of 72-13

They were intrigued by how the space is well equipped for all kinds of programmes and productions for performance and visual arts. They liked the idea how there was a full grid and truss system which can be lowered to ground level at our main hall, Space 2.


at Space 2

On a lighter note, the students loved the openness and comfortable environment of our spaces, easing into the large beanbags in Space 3 and peering out of the windows.


Thanks NAFA Performing and Visual Arts Management students for paying us a visit!