Writing In The Thick Of Now: A Devising Performance Workshop by Manuela Infante

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TheatreWorks Writers’ Lab invites lauded Chilean playwright and director, Manuela Infante, to Singapore to conduct a devising performance workshop.

Whether you have an idea brewing, or a work-in-progress, this interdisciplinary workshop will take you to the next step! This workshop is open to writers, directors, performers, and designers interested in developing their work collaboratively.

Infante will focus on devising and writing by drawing materials from what is created in the rehearsal room with performers. By applying her methodology towards your creative process, you will explore theories of non-anthropocentric theatre, in which other forces such as light, sound, words, and other non-human entities find time and space to participate in the forging of the work.

Participants will write on the spot, in the rehearsal space, and after the rehearsal, breaking the conventional approach of writing where “the words come first”.

In this workshop, the body, the space, and improvisation stand at the forefront, thus removing the human author from the centre of creation.

Infante was last seen in Singapore presenting, Vegetative State as part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts in 2017. She regards her plays as essays in a corpus of broader currents of thoughts that stems from theoretical writings, science, and cultural studies, characterising her work as a kind of ‘irresponsible philosophy’.


“Irresponsible in the sense that we strive from stealing from theory to make work, and not having to inscribe myself responsibly/responsively back into the academic corpus. My work is about letting ideas acquire a material life of their own, watching them find their way into the material world, into our bodies and our relations, and thus into time.” – Manuela Infante

Infante is widely celebrated for feminist re-envisioning of famous historical figures, combining slapstick humour and prose.

Her works have toured around the world and have been widely applauded by critics and audiences. From 2001 to 2016, she was part of Teatro de Chile, one of the most highly regarded young theatre groups in Chile. Infante’s repertoire of works includes Fin (2008), co-produced and premiered at the festival of Modena, Italy, and What’s He Building in There? (2011), created in residency at The Watermill Center, and premiering and shown in several spaces in New York. In 2012, she directed On the Beach,curated by Robert Wilson and premiered at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York; as well as Don’t Feed the Humans, premiered in Hebbel am Uffer in Berlin, Germany. Infante was also selected as Artistic Director of the XVI Playwright Selection 2014, organized by the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes.

This is your chance to develop your own work with guidance by Manuela Infante; one of the most prolific and interesting voices in contemporary theatre in Chile and Latin America.

Structure of the Workshop:

Session 1
• Introduction to non-humanist approach and devising methodology
• Discussion of reading materials

Session 2
• Project presentation and discussion
• Designing a methodology for your project

Session 3 – 6
• Working on a methodology for your project

Dates:  26 Nov, 28 Nov, 30 Nov, 1 Dec, 3 Dec, & 5 Dec 2018

Mon – Fri: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Sat: 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Venue: 72-13, Home of TheatreWorks

Registration Fees

Registration Fee: $800 (for a group of up to 5 participants. Each group can comprise of writers, performers, directors and designers)

Observership is available at $20 per session.


About Manuela Infante

Born in 1980 Manuela Infante is a Chilean theatre playwright, director, script writer and musician. Infante holds a BA in Arts from the University of Chile and a MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. With her group Teatro de Chile (2002-2016) she wrote and directed numerous works with the support of the Chilean Funds for the Arts. Four of her plays have been published and translated into English and Italian. Her work has toured internationally to the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Perú, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and Korea. She has produced work with Hebbel am Uffer, Festival de Modena, The Watermill Center, FIBA and FITAM. In 2015 she was the first woman to be appointed director of The National Festival for Dramaturgy (Muestra Nacional) in Chile.


TheatreWorks presents: ‘The Reunification of the Two Koreas’

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In one month’s time, TheatreWorks proudly presents The Reunification Of The Two Koreas! The second play of our BECAUSE I LOVE YOU Season.

The Reunification Of The Two Koreas by Joël Pommerat is a patchwork of twenty short scenes revolving around an unuttered question: what are human relationships made of?

A woman wants a divorce because there was never any love between her and her husband, on her wedding day a bride discovers her fiancé had an affair with each of her four sisters, a mother is stunned when she learns her husband is happy with their son joining the army and risking his life at war, two best friends get into a savage fight because one of them recalls their first encounter, a prostitute bargains down her services to hook a client-

What are those bonds that lead us to love, hate, help, betray, care, flee, fight, abuse or lie? Each scene explores situations where a relationship is challenged, drawing us into a maze where appeased relations between humans seem as primal, desirable and quixotic as the reunification of the two Koreas.

The Reunification Of The Two Koreas is a co-production between TheatreWorks and Centre Dramatique National de Tours (CDNT). It is directed by Jacques Vincey, Artistic Director of CDNT, translated into English by Marc Goldberg, and performed by Cynthia Lee Macquarrie, Ebi Shankara, Karen Tan, Janice Koh, Pavan J Singh, Tan Shou Chen, Timothy Nga, Umi Kalthum Ismail and Zelda Tatiana Ng.

Event Information:
Thu, 1 – Sun, 11 Nov 2018
Wed – Fri: 8pm
Sat: 3pm & 8pm
Sun: 3pm Venue: 72-13, Mohmamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Duration:          2 hours 30 minutes (with intermission)
Rating : Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)

Purchase your tickets on SISTIC today!

TheatreWorks presents its 2018 Season, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, with two plays – 13.13.13 by Shen Tan and The Reunification Of The Two Koreas by Joël Pommerat.

More information available at www.becauseiloveyou.sg

We are expanding our team!

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TheatreWorks is calling for applications for the following positions. Interested applicants should send in their cover letter and CV, indicating your expected salary, to Mervyn QUEK at mervyn@theatreworks.org.sg by 19 Nov 2017.

Shorlisted candidates will be notified by 1 Dec 2017.

1) Production Coordinator

The Production Coordinator will be responsible for operational and production related arrangements of all contracted productions. This includes:

  • Contracting and coordinating various aspects of the productions including preparing, monitoring and maintaining production budgets, purchasing and rental of equipment
  • Scheduling of meetings, rehearsals, technical rehearsals and performances
  • Arrangement of hotel accommodations, booking of (touring company) air travel, facilitation of contracts and visas for artists and production personnel;Hiring and supervising technical staff
  • Assisting in the general maintenance of the company’s rehearsal and performance spaces, as well as all equipment;
  • All other duties as assigned with regards to the preparation, operation and production of the company’s Singapore and touring productions.


  • Meticulous and a multi-tasker and able to work within tight timelines
  • Strong interest in the arts is a MUST
  • Strong administrative, communication and inter-personal skills are a MUST
  • Proficiency in MS Office and preferably familiar with software such as Autocad
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in a similar position and minimum Diploma Holder from a recognised educational institution

Remuneration will commensurate with candidates’ work experience


2) Partnership Executive

The Partnership Executive will lead the developing and implementing of TheatreWorks’ partnership initiatives with various stakeholders.


  • To grow Company’s Partnership portfolio and revenue streams including corporate sponsorships and fundraisers
  • To grow Company’s reach to potential audiences while deepening relationships with current audiences
  • To maintain and deepen relationships with existing partners, donors and stakeholders


  • Creative and imaginative
  • Strong interest in the arts is a MUST
  • Strong administrative, communication and inter-personal skills are a MUST
  • Proficiency in MS Office and preferably familiar with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator;
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in a similar position and minimum Diploma Holder from a recognised educational institution

Remuneration will commensurate with candidates’ work experience


3) Engagement Executive

The Engagement Executive will be responsible for reaching out to the Company’s community of artists, audiences, patrons and other stakeholders.

  • To assist the Managing Director in matters relating to the Company’s Engagement and Outreach programmes and activities which includes strategising and creating programmes / activities that will increase the Company’s engagement with its community of artists, audiences, patrons and other stakeholders.  The overall aim is to increase the Company’s reach and profile, leading to the enlargement of the Company’s support base that includes audiences and stakeholders.
  • To create content for the Company’s websites and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of these websites.
  • To promote the Company’s connections and information flow with its defined ‘community’ as listed above.
  • To assist in the conceptualising and developing methods and ideas to publicise the company’s programmes including productions, exhibitions, presentations and screenings.
  • To work with and supervise appointed project staff, with the aim to co-ordinate and manage the above programmes in the most efficient manner.


  • Conceive and Implement Publicity Strategies
  • Conceptualise and develop methods and ideas to publicise the company’s programmes including productions, exhibitions, presentations and screenings
    Strategise and manage the usage of online and offline media such as EDMs, social media, print and broadcast media
  • Liaise with design houses on briefs and concepts for publicising company’s programmes
  • Liaise with designers / printers for the production of publicity collaterals
    Management of Publicity and Media Platforms
  • Organise, manage and maintain press and media relations for the company
    Organise, manage and maintain company’s mailing list


  • Creative and imaginative
  • Strong interest in the arts is a MUST
  • Strong administrative, communication and inter-personal skills are a MUST
  • Proficiency in MS Office and preferably familiar with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator;
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in a similar position and minimum Diploma Holder from a recognised educational institution

Remuneration will commensurate with candidates’ work experience

Open call – Join us for a film seminar!

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Notes on roads, trips,
and other possible slips and falls. 

A film seminar by Heman Chong This film seminar compliments Heman’s exhibition ‘Because, The Night’ that will occur for 6 nights in November at 72-13. The themes within the film seminar will overlap with the bookshop, touching on inequality, racism, homophobia, overpopulation, forced migration, exploitation of labor, overconsumption, climate change and many other issues affecting modern society.

When something or someone is trying to get from Point A to Point B, we have the possible beginnings of a road movie. I have been watching and re-watching a selection of about 150 films that I have collected since 2003. They have always inspired me; satisfying and igniting my wanderlust at the same time.

I have always wanted to make a film seminar for artists, filmmakers and writers who are interested to think about, around and inside all sorts of different journeys. So, here we are. We’ll sit and watch 9 different films, in their entirety, over 3 days and form an informal discussion around what we are seeing.

The films will only be revealed at the time of the screening. Something that we need to agree upon is whatever we talk about in those 3 days, while we’re watching those films; the material we generated will be collectively available to each of us in the film seminar as raw material to develop a story involving a road trip, shared amongst the participants of this film seminar.

We are looking at a small group of individuals to join us on this journey. Please be willing to commit 3 full days between 10 am to 6 pm each day between 20-22 October 2017 to be present at 72-13. There is no charge to attend this seminar. Please send an email to ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg with this attached form fully filled out. Type ‘Because, The Night (Film seminar)’ in the Subject. We’ll let you know if you’re in or you’re out as soon as we can.

  1. Full name:
  2. Occupation:
  3. Website (if any):
  4. Age:
  5. Top ten favourite films:
  6. Top ten favourite novels:
  7. Top ten visual art works:
  8. Describe the things you’re obsessed about:

TheatreWorks presents: OFF KILTER

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Off Kilter Main Pic with Photo Credit

TheatreWorks is thrilled to announce our upcoming production in October! Helmed by internationally acclaimed performer Ramesh Meyyappan. Fresh from its run in Glasgow, where it garnered rave reviews, Off Kilter features Ramesh’s unique style of performance – an eclectic mix of visual and physical theatre.

…the sheer artistry Meyyappan brings to his performance – and the power of Joel Nah’s supporting score and soundscape… makes Off Kilter a profoundly absorbing and moving show.” – The Scotsman, Glasgow

Ramesh is an artist who seeks out courage, hope and redemptive transformation in his story telling …one of his (Ramesh Meyyappan) finest performances yet.”                      – The Herald, Glasgow

“Jaw-dropping display of both pure physical comedy and magic… devastating moments of beauty, humour and pathos …this is a timely, deeply heartfelt gem.”                               The List, Glasgow

“A brilliant physical performer, Meyyappan’s control and expressiveness of movement are magnetic, and he emanates a warmth and humour that constantly invites empathy.”  – Exeunt Magazine

“The work I have been creating is purely visual – the stories and narratives tend to focus on us – what it is to be human, human stories that we all can relate to,” explains Meyyappan. Off Kilter explores mental well-being, identity, feeling a little bit different from everyone else and not quite being yourself.

At work and at home, Joe Kilter has his routine. Some people think Joe is obsessive. Joe would prefer not to be thought of at all. A change in his routine turns his world askew. His life is no longer his own, his house is knocked sideways and he’s off his game. Joe Kilter is off-kilter. Feeling increasingly isolated, his life feels impossible until he is forced to exist in darkness.

Off Kilter is a darkly comedic visual theatre production, incorporating illusions and masterful non-verbal storytelling. Ramesh Meyyappan is a master of physical theatre, award-winning actor, and internationally renowned visual theatre artist. His last major work, Butterfly, played to sold out audiences in the UK, USA, Singapore and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Performance Details:
11 – 14 October 2017
Approximately 60 minutes with no intermission
72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239008

Ticketing Details:
$35 (Standard)
$25 (Concession for Students, Seniors above 62 years

20% Early Bird Discount: 10 – 31 August 2017

Tickets available on sale on all SISTIC Channels.
(Prices exclude SISTIC handling fee).

Call for Publicist! We are hiring!

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TheatreWorks invites applicants for the position of Publicist (Full-Time) with the company.

Interested candidates are invited to submit a resume, stating current and expected salary, and a current photo via email to tworks@singnet.com.sg
Please title your application as: “Application for Publicist”.

All applications should reach us no later than 11th June 2017. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and contacted for an interview. It is advised that interviewees obtain some initial knowledge of the company.

Publicist (Full-Time)

– To understand inner-workings of the media and recognise topics journalists want to write about. Hence, cultivate positive relations with key members of the media in leading to press coverages for the company.
– To create publicity for the company and write press releases, as well as assist in forming and procuring press kits and articles.
– To execute and implement publicity strategies and plans, such as press event and launches;
– To support and promote the Company in all publicity and relations; maintain and increase presence and awareness on the Company, its events and productions.
– To plan and execute the Company’s Social Media Campaign across several platforms.

– Creative and able to think outside of the box;
– Fair interest in and knowledge of the arts;
– Proficient in MS Office and softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator;
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including presentation skills;
– Strong interpersonal skills and a good team player;
– Minimum 2 years working experience in a similar position and minimum Diploma Holder from a recognised educational institution
– To be able to start immediately

Staged Reading of ‘The Reunification’ this Thursday!

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Come down to 72-13 this Thursday for a public reading of ‘The Reunification’  an original play by famous author Joël Pommerat.

Directed by Jacques Vincey, head of Tours National Drama Centre in France, and performed by 10 Singapore actors. This play offers 20 contemporary interpretations — from heartbreaking to hilarious — on the age-old theme of love. This play, translated into English for the first time, and performed by Singapore actors, brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to love!

The Reunification’ is presented by the Voilah! French Festival Singapore in collaboration with TheatreWorks. Join us for a rollercoaster of an evening, full of laughter, nostalgia and  even some heartbreak.

Free Admission

13 April 2017
72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239007 

Tackling issues head on: TheatreWorks Engagement programmes unpack themes of interracial marriage and mental health

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TheatreWorks Engagement programmes aim to challenge perceptions and misconceptions through two new performances.

A specially crafted pilot programme will be brought to eight schools this February exploring the issue of stress and how it affects students’ mental health. From the pressures of school, family and friends, students face an ever-increasing amount of stress. Tackling perceptions that ‘young people do not go through stress’ and misconceptions that ‘people who go for counseling are crazy’, this pilot programme – Grey Matters, aims to better prepare and equip students with the ability to cope though periods of increased stress through a three –pronged approach:

  • A performance – allowing students easy access to the subject matter;
  • A post-show dialogue to open up a platform for discussion and provide self-care tips to manage stress;
  • An activity pack, allowing teachers the opportunity to delve deeper into stress and stress management, giving students a chance to practise these stress management techniques firsthand.

While the importance of mental health has been on the rise, race has always been a part of Singapore’s history, and remains a key part of a person’s identity from the day they are born through their entire lives.

Part of TheatreWorks’ annual Performance Tour, Mixed, a winning play from the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2016 will tour the South East District from 23 February to 11 March.

From moments of racial discrimination to disownment, this heartfelt piece explores the challenges of interracial marriage in Singapore. It follows the story of Anika and her family as they navigate the difficulties of being a mixed family.

We invite the public to join us in the post-show dialogues as we address issues of race, discrimination and family expectations. For selected performances, join us in talks with invited guests who have personal experience of being discriminated.

TheatreWorks hopes that these new programmes and performances will become the catalyst for audiences to reflect and discuss critical issues related to living in Singapore while at the same time encourage audience appreciation of the arts.

There will be a public performance of Grey Matters on 15 February 2017. For an invitation, please email ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg

Book your tickets for Mixed here today!