Writing In The Thick Of Now: A Devising Performance Workshop by Manuela Infante

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TheatreWorks Writers’ Lab invites lauded Chilean playwright and director, Manuela Infante, to Singapore to conduct a devising performance workshop.

Whether you have an idea brewing, or a work-in-progress, this interdisciplinary workshop will take you to the next step! This workshop is open to writers, directors, performers, and designers interested in developing their work collaboratively.

Infante will focus on devising and writing by drawing materials from what is created in the rehearsal room with performers. By applying her methodology towards your creative process, you will explore theories of non-anthropocentric theatre, in which other forces such as light, sound, words, and other non-human entities find time and space to participate in the forging of the work.

Participants will write on the spot, in the rehearsal space, and after the rehearsal, breaking the conventional approach of writing where “the words come first”.

In this workshop, the body, the space, and improvisation stand at the forefront, thus removing the human author from the centre of creation.

Infante was last seen in Singapore presenting, Vegetative State as part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts in 2017. She regards her plays as essays in a corpus of broader currents of thoughts that stems from theoretical writings, science, and cultural studies, characterising her work as a kind of ‘irresponsible philosophy’.


“Irresponsible in the sense that we strive from stealing from theory to make work, and not having to inscribe myself responsibly/responsively back into the academic corpus. My work is about letting ideas acquire a material life of their own, watching them find their way into the material world, into our bodies and our relations, and thus into time.” – Manuela Infante

Infante is widely celebrated for feminist re-envisioning of famous historical figures, combining slapstick humour and prose.

Her works have toured around the world and have been widely applauded by critics and audiences. From 2001 to 2016, she was part of Teatro de Chile, one of the most highly regarded young theatre groups in Chile. Infante’s repertoire of works includes Fin (2008), co-produced and premiered at the festival of Modena, Italy, and What’s He Building in There? (2011), created in residency at The Watermill Center, and premiering and shown in several spaces in New York. In 2012, she directed On the Beach,curated by Robert Wilson and premiered at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York; as well as Don’t Feed the Humans, premiered in Hebbel am Uffer in Berlin, Germany. Infante was also selected as Artistic Director of the XVI Playwright Selection 2014, organized by the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes.

This is your chance to develop your own work with guidance by Manuela Infante; one of the most prolific and interesting voices in contemporary theatre in Chile and Latin America.

Structure of the Workshop:

Session 1
• Introduction to non-humanist approach and devising methodology
• Discussion of reading materials

Session 2
• Project presentation and discussion
• Designing a methodology for your project

Session 3 – 6
• Working on a methodology for your project

Dates:  26 Nov, 28 Nov, 30 Nov, 1 Dec, 3 Dec, & 5 Dec 2018

Mon – Fri: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Sat: 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Venue: 72-13, Home of TheatreWorks

Registration Fees

Registration Fee: $800 (for a group of up to 5 participants. Each group can comprise of writers, performers, directors and designers)

Observership is available at $20 per session.


About Manuela Infante

Born in 1980 Manuela Infante is a Chilean theatre playwright, director, script writer and musician. Infante holds a BA in Arts from the University of Chile and a MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. With her group Teatro de Chile (2002-2016) she wrote and directed numerous works with the support of the Chilean Funds for the Arts. Four of her plays have been published and translated into English and Italian. Her work has toured internationally to the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Perú, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and Korea. She has produced work with Hebbel am Uffer, Festival de Modena, The Watermill Center, FIBA and FITAM. In 2015 she was the first woman to be appointed director of The National Festival for Dramaturgy (Muestra Nacional) in Chile.


SIFA is back at 72-13 again!

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This year, TheatreWorks’ home, 72-13, is once again proud to be the official Venue/Equipment Partner for the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).

SIFA is an annual affair of artistic excellence, bringing to Singapore a mix of local and international productions and collaborations. Based on the theme of ‘ENCHANTMENT‘, this year’s edition hopes for festival goers to remain enchanted with what the world has to offer, stay connected to issues, and believe that every small difference matters.

Prior to the start of the O.P.E.N., some SIFA banners were put up right outside 72-13. You can’t miss them! 


There are shows from both the pre-festival O.P.E.N. (Open, Participate, Engage, Negotiate) and the main festival happening right here at 72-13. Here are the shows you should look out for!

O.P.E.N. Pre-festival

*Admission with O.P.E.N. Pass for all, limited single entry tickets available at the door for selected events.

  1. Art As Res Publicae | Opening Public Creation by Public Discussants, Commentators, Moderators and You!

GuideImage_Art as Res Publicae (Garçon Design)

A historic moment in Singapore, and definitely in the arts, where public discussants will have, for the first time, a dialogue in the open on a central question that has been referred to them. This year, opening the entire SIFA 2017, The O.P.E.N. looks at art as res publicae or art as public interests. The root word of ‘republic’, ‘res publicae’ is a Latin phrase loosely defined as ‘public interests’. In the spirit of this definition, ART AS RES PUBLICAE will be exploring open questions of artworks, dialogue and negotiation. The central question that has to be unpacked: What is the ‘intangible value’ in an artwork?

28, 29 June at 7pm
3h 30min, intermission included

  1. Unsettled Assignments | Exhibition by Sidd Perez & Vuth Lyno


Unsettled Assignments considers the networks of unsettled South-South relations produced through post-colonial conflicts and peacekeeping interventions in Southeast Asia.

29 June – 9 July

Opens on 29 June, 7pm – 10pm
Tue – Sat: Noon – 6pm
Sun: Noon – 6pm

Closed on Monday

  1. The Unforgetting Space | Exhibition by Tan Biyun


Brilliant historian Eric Hobsbawm made persuasive arguments about the importance of building memory or mounting a ‘protest against forgetting’. Conceived with this in mind, The Unforgetting Space is an interactive and participatory installation featuring old textbooks, dating back to the 1970s, that Tan Biyun has collected.

29 June – 9 July

Opens on 29 June, 7pm – 10pm
Tue – Sat: Noon – 9pm
Sun: Noon – 6pm

Closed on Monday

  1. O.P.E.N. Histories: Exchanges | Series of Workshops and Film Screening


In conjunction with Tan Biyun’s exhibition of The Unforgetting Space and Sidd Perez and Vuth Lyno’s Unsettled Assignments, O.P.E.N. Histories: Exchanges is a series of workshops and a film screening that offers a deeper engagement with the ideas surrounding the exhibitions. 

*Registration is required for all due to limited capacity.

The Unforgetting Space: Workshops | By Tan Biyun
30 June, 4 – 7 July at 3pm
2h, no intermission

Unsettled Assignments: Workshop | by Sidd Perez & Vuth Lyno
1 July at 11am
6h, including one-hour lunch break

Unsettled Assignments: Screening of Where I Go by Kavich Neang | Introduction & post-screening dialogue with Vuth Lyno
1 July at 7pm
1h 30min, no intermission

  1. Spectres | Audio-visual Exhibition by Zai Tang


“The birds are silent in the woods.
Just wait: Soon enough
You will be quiet too.”

– Robert Hass

5 July, Opening: 7pm – 10pm
6 – 8 July, Noon – 5pm
9 July, Closing day: Noon – 6pm

  1. Spectres Live | Concerts by Bani Haykal, Cheryl Ong, Dennis Tan, Dharma, Fuzz Lee, Natalie Alexandra, Shark Fung, Wu Jun Han, Yuen Chee Wai & Zai Tang

Spectres_Live copy@ZaiTang

Each evening, three Singapore-based musicians are invited to play with artist, composer and sound designer Zai Tang. Through two hours of improvised, experimental music, they will explore sonic dialogues on the theme of disappearance.

6 – 8 July at 8pm
2h, chill and relax!

For more information on the events, visit the SIFA website here.

We’ll see you at 72-13 then!

Dramatised Readings 2017

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TheatreWorks Writers’ Lab is thrilled to present a series of dramatised readings happening on 3 June 2017, from 2 to 10pm.

In line with our Writing from The Heart Workshop starting from 29 May to 4 June, these readings will showcase the work of three talented playwrights who have participated in the previous round workshop in 2014/2015.

Since the workshops, these three writers have received guidance from acclaimed writer Tony Perez, through a series of dramaturgy clinics, further editing and refining their scripts.

TheatreWorks is dedicated to nurturing and developing new writing from the community. Our script development focuses on exploration and creative dialogue between artists, away from the pressures of performance outcomes. It is not intended that writers will produce a performance-ready script by the end of the entire process; nor to conclude the process with the public reading this June. It is more to get feedback and responses from an interested audience to help contribute to the development of these newly written scripts.

Synopses of Plays

Go Home | By Isaac Lim
Father and son. Estranged. They return to a house filled with memories, both pleasant and painful. The two men negotiate each other, as they share secrets and lies. Through intimate conversations, multiple swearings, and loads of baggage, emotional and otherwise, this forgotten space opens up to be more dirty than it appears. Together, they try to make it livable again. Can they find the comfort they long for in a home they never quite belong?

13.13.13 | By Tan Mae Shen
William and Sam have the perfect relationship. Sam doesn’t want children; William doesn’t want to be married. 13.13.13. explores the form, substance and intimacy of a relationship when a binding agreement unravels.

Of What Could Be | By Beverly Wee
Exploring the conflict between pursuing our dreams and the pressures of the practical aspects of life. Whether it’s missed opportunities of the past we hold on to or the “if only” events we long for believing they will make our lives better. When faced with a second chance, will you dare to take it and is it truly the answer to a more perfect life? Are our ideal scenarios we imagine truly as perfect as we project them to be when they play out in real life? Do we chase our ideals or learn to be content with what we what have?

Told through a complicated relationship brought about by situational circumstances, GIRL takes a second chance to pursue what she always believed would make her life more perfect at the expense of what she has. Life is messy and complicated. And the ones who stay in our lives are the ones we choose, who choose us back.

Dramatised Readings Details:

Date: 3rd June 2017, 2pm to 10pm
Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

1) Go Home | Isaac Lim | 2pm to 4pm

2) 13.13.13 | Tan Mae Shen | 4.30pm to 6.30pm

3) Of What Could Be | Beverly Wee | 8pm to 10pm

If you’re keen, head over to our Eventbrite at to register! Don’t wait any longer; reserve your seat now!

Our Writing From The Heart playwriting workshop is back again, by popular demand!

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Interested in playwriting but feel that you aren’t certain if you could write a play? Well, we have good news for you! Our ever popular Writing from the Heart Playwriting Workshops is back!

From 29 May to 4 June to join us for this week-long workshops, headed by renowned writer Tony Perez! From chakra points to meditative sessions, Tony will guide participants on a soul-searching journey, and from there lead you to writing the play you’ve always wanted to!

Emerging Singaporean playwright Helmi Yusof, first penned his new play My Mother Buys Condoms at the workshop in 2014. It was then further developed over a period of one year through a series of dramaturgical clinics under the guidance of Perez, before being presented to the public at a dramatised reading in July 2015. Since then, it had been picked up by local theatre company, W!ld Rice, and staged professionally as a full production at the Singapore Theatre Festival in July 2016.

“Tony Perez is a wonderful, thoroughly unconventional and intuitive teacher. He talks about everything from chakra points and meditation to Freud and Jung, and you’re asked to try them out in class, so you have to have a very, very open mind.”  – Helmi Yusof, participant in 2015.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the successful edition of Writing from the Heart from 2014 to 2016, TheatreWork’s Writing and Community is thrilled to invite Tony Perez back to conduct an interactive playwriting workshop this May 2017.

This series of workshops aims to:

  • Unearth and inspire new playwriting enthusiasts from within the community
  • Share one of the region’s best playwriting skills and expertise with the community
  • Develop new plays through a post-workshop mentorship and dramaturgy programme


TheatreWorks is currently seeking a new group of writers for this workshop. Those who are keen, please email ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg or call Ezzat at 6737-7213 to register before 25 May, 12pm.

Workshop details: 

Date: 29 May to 4 June 2017
Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007
Registration Fee: $200

Open to participants 17 years and above. Limited to 20 participants.

Head over to our Writing & Community blog post for more information on Tony Perez and the workshop sessions he will be conducting!

Don’t wait any longer, register with us to book your space now!