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The Prize Presentation of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition!

Our judges for the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition are hard at work reading all the submitted scripts, and will soon come to a decision on the winners!

The Prize Presentation of the Competition will be on Saturday, 4th November 2017, and we invite everyone to join us as we announce the winners!

Date: Saturday, 4 November 2017
Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue: 72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239007

4.00pm Arrival of Guests
4.30pm Arrival of Guest-of-Honour
4.35pm Welcome Address
4.40pm Comments from the Judges
4.50pm  Reading of Excerpts of Winning Scripts
5.20pm Prize Presentation
5.30pm Tea Reception
6.00pm End of Programme

Please RSVP your attendance to Ezzat at ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg by Wednesday 1 November 2017.



TheatreWorks 24-Hour Playwriting Competition is back!

The much-awaited TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition is back! This unique Competition marks a milestone this year as we celebrate its 20th edition!

The site of the competition has always been quirky and inspiring, and it is no exception this year. To be held at the rustically inspiring Kampung Kampus, Home of Ground-Up Initiative, the site is surrounded by lush greenery and fertile ground – a place for developing and practising sustainable living methods.

Who knows, these 24 hours at Kampung Kampus may not only inspire your writing, but it may also change your perception and attitude to life. Especially with the advent of climate change, the advent of global populist and protectionist trends, how are we to respond? Can we, in our own ways, make an impact?

The competition, as in previous years, is a platform to discover potential playwrights in our midst.  One of the winners will have his / her play developed by theatre professionals and produced in full. This production will be taken on a performance tour to the South East District in the first quarter of 2018.

Competition Details: 
Date: 16 – 17 Sep 2017
Time: 4pm – 4pm
Venue: Kampung Kampus, Home of Ground-Up Initiative – 91 Lorong Chencharu, Singapore 769201

Competition Categories: 
Youth: 15 – 18 years old
Open: 19 years old and above

Registration Fee: 
Youth Category: S$40
Open Category: S$55

Prizes for each category:
1st Prize: S$700
2nd Prize: S$500
3rd Prize: S$300
Merit: S$100

To register, please download and fill up the registration form here and email it to ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg by 3 Sep 2016.

There will only be 70 slots available for the competition.

The 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2017 is presented as part of TheatreWorks Writers’ Laboratory Writing & Community Programme, in partnership with the South East Community Development Council. Writing & Community is a holistic, unique programme that serves the community through harnessing individual talents and creatives.

Writing & Community is a strand of TheatreWorks Engagement to encourage audience appreciation of the Arts, and deepen the knowledge of its patrons as well as stakeholders.

Dramatised Readings 2017

TheatreWorks Writers’ Lab is thrilled to present a series of dramatised readings happening on 3 June 2017, from 2 to 10pm.

In line with our Writing from The Heart Workshop starting from 29 May to 4 June, these readings will showcase the work of three talented playwrights who have participated in the previous round workshop in 2014/2015.

Since the workshops, these three writers have received guidance from acclaimed writer Tony Perez, through a series of dramaturgy clinics, further editing and refining their scripts.

TheatreWorks is dedicated to nurturing and developing new writing from the community. Our script development focuses on exploration and creative dialogue between artists, away from the pressures of performance outcomes. It is not intended that writers will produce a performance-ready script by the end of the entire process; nor to conclude the process with the public reading this June. It is more to get feedback and responses from an interested audience to help contribute to the development of these newly written scripts.

Synopses of Plays

Go Home | By Isaac Lim
Father and son. Estranged. They return to a house filled with memories, both pleasant and painful. The two men negotiate each other, as they share secrets and lies. Through intimate conversations, multiple swearings, and loads of baggage, emotional and otherwise, this forgotten space opens up to be more dirty than it appears. Together, they try to make it livable again. Can they find the comfort they long for in a home they never quite belong?

13.13.13 | By Tan Mae Shen
William and Sam have the perfect relationship. Sam doesn’t want children; William doesn’t want to be married. 13.13.13. explores the form, substance and intimacy of a relationship when a binding agreement unravels.

Of What Could Be | By Beverly Wee
Exploring the conflict between pursuing our dreams and the pressures of the practical aspects of life. Whether it’s missed opportunities of the past we hold on to or the “if only” events we long for believing they will make our lives better. When faced with a second chance, will you dare to take it and is it truly the answer to a more perfect life? Are our ideal scenarios we imagine truly as perfect as we project them to be when they play out in real life? Do we chase our ideals or learn to be content with what we what have?

Told through a complicated relationship brought about by situational circumstances, GIRL takes a second chance to pursue what she always believed would make her life more perfect at the expense of what she has. Life is messy and complicated. And the ones who stay in our lives are the ones we choose, who choose us back.

Dramatised Readings Details:

Date: 3rd June 2017, 2pm to 10pm
Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

1) Go Home | Isaac Lim | 2pm to 4pm

2) 13.13.13 | Tan Mae Shen | 4.30pm to 6.30pm

3) Of What Could Be | Beverly Wee | 8pm to 10pm

If you’re keen, head over to our Eventbrite at to register! Don’t wait any longer; reserve your seat now!

Grey Matters will be at 72-13!

This performance is a new specially tailored pilot programme for schools exploring the issue of stress and how it affects students’ mental health. Tackling perceptions that ‘young people do not go through stress’ and misconceptions that ‘people who go for counselling are crazy’ – Grey Mattersaims to better prepare and equip students with the ability to cope with increasing amount of stress.

Grey Matters is a new programme presented as part of TheatreWorks’ Writers’ Laboratory Writing & Community Programme in partnership with the South East Community Development Council.

Grey Matters traces the journey of Damien, who faces the stresses of adjusting to major changes in his life, such as preparing for a national exam, fulfilling his leadership role in his CCAs and living up to the expectations of his family, friends and teachers. Damien neglects to properly take care of his mental health, and when it all becomes too much, he opens a mental first aid kit that he found under his table.

While we are familiar with physical illnesses and injuries, we often forget that our mental health needs to be taken care of as well. Grey Matters hopes to not only provide coping strategies for periods of intense stress, but also as we go about our daily lives. After all, our grey matter matters.

Public Performance Details:
15 February 2017
3pm, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239007

Approximately 60mins with a post-show discussion

Please email ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg or call 6737-7213 (Ezzat) to request for an invitation.

Written & directed by Thomas Lim
Performed  by Ali Anwar, Fiona Lim, Kimberly Arriola and Matthew Fam

Visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/TheatreWorksSg and our blog at https://writingandcommunity2017.wordpress.com/ to find out more.

About the TheatreWorks Writers’ Lab Writing & Community Programme

The presentation of Mixed is part of TheatreWorks’ Writing & Community Programme in partnership with the South East Community Development Council to nurture and develop new playwrights from the community. Writing & Community is a holistic, unique writing programme that serves the community through harnessing the talents and creativity in the community.

Writing & Community is a strand of TheatreWorks Engagement to encourage audience appreciation of the Arts, and deepen the knowledge of its patrons as well as stakeholders.

Community Partner

\With Support from

Tackling issues head on: TheatreWorks Engagement programmes unpack themes of interracial marriage and mental health

TheatreWorks Engagement programmes aim to challenge perceptions and misconceptions through two new performances.

A specially crafted pilot programme will be brought to eight schools this February exploring the issue of stress and how it affects students’ mental health. From the pressures of school, family and friends, students face an ever-increasing amount of stress. Tackling perceptions that ‘young people do not go through stress’ and misconceptions that ‘people who go for counseling are crazy’, this pilot programme – Grey Matters, aims to better prepare and equip students with the ability to cope though periods of increased stress through a three –pronged approach:

  • A performance – allowing students easy access to the subject matter;
  • A post-show dialogue to open up a platform for discussion and provide self-care tips to manage stress;
  • An activity pack, allowing teachers the opportunity to delve deeper into stress and stress management, giving students a chance to practise these stress management techniques firsthand.

While the importance of mental health has been on the rise, race has always been a part of Singapore’s history, and remains a key part of a person’s identity from the day they are born through their entire lives.

Part of TheatreWorks’ annual Performance Tour, Mixed, a winning play from the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2016 will tour the South East District from 23 February to 11 March.

From moments of racial discrimination to disownment, this heartfelt piece explores the challenges of interracial marriage in Singapore. It follows the story of Anika and her family as they navigate the difficulties of being a mixed family.

We invite the public to join us in the post-show dialogues as we address issues of race, discrimination and family expectations. For selected performances, join us in talks with invited guests who have personal experience of being discriminated.

TheatreWorks hopes that these new programmes and performances will become the catalyst for audiences to reflect and discuss critical issues related to living in Singapore while at the same time encourage audience appreciation of the arts.

There will be a public performance of Grey Matters on 15 February 2017. For an invitation, please email ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg

Book your tickets for Mixed here today!

Writing from the Heart Playwriting Workshops this July!

TheatreWorks is organizing a 6-day interactive playwriting workshop at 72-13 this July! Conducted by Tony Perez, renowned playwright and novelist from the Philippines, these workshops comprises a series of interactive hands-on exercises designed to enable participants to discover their inner self and creativity in exploring the basics of playwriting.

After the successful edition of Writing from the Heart in 2014 and 2015, Writing & Community once again, invites him to conduct an interactive playwriting workshop this July 2016.

This series of workshops aims to:

  • Unearth and inspire new playwriting enthusiasts from within the community
  • Share one of the region’s best playwriting skills and expertise with the community
  • Develop new plays through a post-workshop mentorship and dramaturgy programme

Writing from the Heart has previously discovered over 30 new writers and gave them the basics in playwriting. Through a series of hands-on exercises, which include drawing, dialogue and interpersonal interaction between participants, the mentor and within themselves, these exercises drew out the writers’ potential from within and these discoveries became important material and inspiration for playwriting.

“… Everyday there was a self discovery – from our favourite character in a fairytale to our imbalanced chakras, which we balanced through the use of a pendulum, to the Eros and Thanatos concept which improves the inner voice in writing …” – Eliete Vivino, participant of Writing from the Heart 2014.

“… The workshop exceeded my expectations. It gave me fresh perspectives on writing and that writing should come from the heart. I loved how interactive the workshop was. I left the workshop inspired by all the participants and Tony …” – Serene Tan, participant of Writing from the Heart 2014

“… Tony Perez is a wonderful, thoroughly unconventional and intuitive teacher. He talks about everything from chakra points and meditation to Freud and Jung, and you’re asked to try them out in class, so you have to have a very, very open mind.”  – Helmi Yusof, participant of Writing from the Heart 2015.

TheatreWorks is now seeking a new group of writers for this workshop. Those interested, please register by emailing ezzat@theatreworks.org.sg or call Ezzat at 6737-7213. 

Workshop Details:
18 July to 23 July 2016
Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007
Registration Fee: $200
Open to participants 17 years and above

Please register here

Session 1, Introduction to Writing from the Heart
18 July 2016 (Monday), 7 – 10pm

Session 2, Strengthen one’s power of observation & creative visualisation
19 July 2016 (Tuesday), 7pm – 10pm

Session 3, Creating characters & dialogue
20 July 2016 (Wednesday), 7pm – 10pm

Session 4, Working with a premise; Creating a dramatic plot
21 July 2016 (Thursday), 7pm – 10pm

Session 5, Conceptualise & Visualise the theatre space
22 July 2016 (Friday), 7pm – 10pm

Session 6, Deconstruct, structure & restructure and shaping the Narrative
23 July (Saturday), 10am – 1pm

Session 7, Delivering Creative Group Dynamics
23 July (Saturday), 2pm – 5pm

About Tony Perez

Tony Perez is a Filipino playwright, novelist, and visual artist with an M.A. degree in Religious Studies, an M.A. candidacy in Clinical Psychology, and an A.B. in Communication. He has authored two major, full-length trilogies of plays in Tagalog, some of which have been translated into English and Polish. His full-length play “Trip to The South” were performed in New York and in Singapore; another full-length play, “On The North Diversion Road,” was performed in Melbourne and in Singapore. After having more than 40 books published in the Philippines, he is devoting the rest of his life to posting his new and forthcoming books in cyberspace. They can be accessed through his main blog site, http://www.tonyperezphilippines.blogspot.com. His artworks have been showcased in more than 15 exhibitions.

Perez is also the founder of the Spirit Questors, a group of young, psychic volunteers who render service to the public free of charge. Among his other interests are fiber art, puppetry, the use of drama in psychotherapy. In his home country, he conducts workshops to underserved audiences such as victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse, children in conflict with the law, prison inmates, child combatants, and residents of drug rehabilitation centers.

Perez has worked with TheatreWorks since the 1990s. He led in workshops like Writing from the Subconscious (1990), Explore the Physical Psychic Sense for Creative Writing (1992) and wrote Trip to the South performed at the ASEAN Season Festival in 1991.

Preview of ‘Between Consciousness’

photo (1).JPG

Two weeks ago, we invited a few of our Ambassadors to an exclusive preview of Between Consciousness, TheatreWorks’ latest community production touring to three community centres in the South East District.

As part of TheatreWorks’ efforts in expanding the knowledge and capabilities of our ambassadors, exclusive preview of productions are arranged for our ambassadors before the show is open to the public. This opportunity, made available to all ambassadors, aims to equip them with better knowledge of the production, and expose them to different artistic directions, which they may not have seen before. One of our Ambassador, Eugene Ho, shared his thoughts on the show as well as his experience at the preview.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I was invited to watch the preview for Between Consciousness. All I knew was that it was a piece on mental health, and that it was written in 24 hours.

The piece hit me in ways I didn’t expect. The initially bright and energetic performance both complemented and contrasted the heavier overtone of the script, and many powerful moments were conveyed. As we become voyeurs into the world of a child with autism, we not only become privy to the fragility of his mental state, but as a viewer divorced from the performance, we also see the world he is in constant contact with. I feel that often times, because of this world of information we live in, many of us prefer to categorise problems and see it clinically and apathetically. It’s so much easier to euphemise and call it a learning disability, or a mental condition. We forget that this is something that not only they, but their caretakers live with their entire lives. We can’t just cry over every single disaster we witness that is entirely out of our control can we? But it is precisely at times like these that we need works like these, which confront us with real problems people face, and reminds us of the fragile world we live in.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really appreciate the effort put in this piece. I feel that TheatreWorks Ambassadors Programme (TAP) gives people a chance to appreciate and be involved in the arts scene in Singapore especially with opportunities to watch previews and interact with the actors and directors, and ask questions about the subject matter and the creative process. We need more performances like these, so Kudos to Isaac and the team.

Find out more about Between Consciousness at our Writing & Community Blog.

We are still have more performances of Between Consciousness coming up, go to http://betweenconsciousness2016.eventbrite.sg to reserve your seats!

We hope to see you there!


Interviews with Between Consciousness Creative Team

Between Consciousness – Our upcoming production is our annual community tour in partnership with South East Community Development Council (CDC). The show will tour from 25 Feb to 19 March in three Community Centres in the South East District.

Between Consciousness explores the “mental in each of us”. It is a story that discusses mental health, autism, depression and what caregivers go through with their wards. This play also aims to expand one’s perspective about people diagnosed with mental conditions.

We met up with the creative team and had a chat with them about their creative process and the rehearsals. Check out their interviews below!

Al-Matin Yatim, Actor: “Nobody would totally understand what is happening inside a person’s head, what more a mind that functions more specially than others”.

Ivan Lim, Actor: “At first I was slightly confused, but as I read on, I fell in love with it. I am having a joy ride with this script. Every time I read the script, I find something new and after each rehearsal, I discover a new aspect of the character”.

Thong Pei Qin, Director: “I have also come to realise that people with special needs or diagnosed with mental illnesses are not so very different from you and me, and the plot of Between Consciousness echoes this exact sentiment”.

Gerald Leow, Set Designer: “The set represents the many levels of consciousness and the complexity of the human mind.

Isaac Lim, Playwright: “TheatreWorks’ Writing & Community Programme is an excellent stepping stone, to not only bring their voice out there, but also for the community to interact, know of the talents, and connect with the arts“.

You can reserve tickets for Between Consciousness at http://betweenconsciousness2016.eventbrite.sg

Check out our posts on writingandcommunity2016.wordpress.com for more information and updates of our Community & Writing Programmes!

Upcoming in TheatreWorks: Performance Tour of Between Consciousness

The 6th edition of Performance Tour of the winning play of TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition is back! This year, TheatreWorks Writing and Community Programme presents the Performance Tour of Between Consciousness, the first prize winner in 2015 (Open Category), which is written by Isaac Lim.

I seriously never thought this piece could be staged because it is really wild. But I’m glad I entrusted the company with my writing, and look forward to working with the director and actors to bring the words alive.

– Isaac Lim, Playwright

Check out the Writing and Community 2016 blog as our playwright Isaac Lim shares about his experience and thoughts on TheatreWorks Writing and Community programmes.

Conversation with Playwright, Isaac Lim.jpg


Mountbatten CC
35 Jalan Satu
25 Feb 2016, Thu, 3pm
26 Feb 2016, Fri, 3pm & 8pm
27 Feb 2016, Sat, 3pm

Siglap South CC
6 Palm Road
3 Mar 2016, Thu, 3pm
4 Mar 2016, Fri, 3pm & 8pm
5 Mar 2016, Sat, 3pm

Marine Parade CC
278 Marine Parade Road
17 Mar 2016, Thu, 3pm
18 Mar 2016, Fri, 3pm & 8pm
19 Mar 2016, Sat, 3pm

Admission is free!

To register for a place, sign up via http://betweenconsciousness2016.eventbrite.sg now!

Serunding at Titian Budaya, KL


This Saturday, Serunding will be staged at Kuala Lumpur, as part of Titian Budaya. Serunding, written by Ahmad Musta’ain Bin Khamis, is the winning play of TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2010 (Open category), and has since been performed at numerous venues in Singapore. It was the first winning play to premiere in Performance Tours to the South East District in 2010 and 2011, and North East District in 2011. The play was also staged at Malay Heritage Centre last year, to inspire and encourage participants at 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2014.

Starring the delightful and popular Aidli Mosbit once again, this one-woman play stirs to life the voice of Safiah like a perfect dish of serunding. Told through humour, food and many phone calls, Serunding draws us to the heart and pain of a mother’s love. A spicy sweet expression of the Singapore family caught at the centre of cultural values and modern living.

…Serunding is a joy to watch—the personable Safiah talks animatedly to her audience throughout, interspersing her life story with equally-animated phone conversations with her fellow makcik friends.

– Juliana June Rasul, The New Paper, 7 Dec 2010

The script was artfully crafted, its warm tone sitting very well with the audience, who laughed and cried with the protagonist wholeheartedly.

– Natalie Koh, The Business Times, 10 Dec 2010

Do find out more about the staging of Serunding by Titian Budaya at their website here.